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About TiAnna DeGarmo:


My journey in wood began as a little girl. I vividly remember running and playing on my Father’s jobsites as a small child. The sights, smells, and aridness of it melded into my bones at a very early age.  On one seemingly random day, Dad handed me my first tool belt, a circular saw, and a list of parts to cut.  After a very quick explanation on how to operate the saw I attempted to make my first cut.  Firing up the saw was a terrifying and exhilarating feeling all at once.  I was 13 years old, and I was hooked! I was fortunate enough to eventually land an apprenticeship where I was trained intensively in the broad field of Architectural Millwork. It was a deluge of opportunity for learning and growing my skill sets creating something from just a drawing or idea. It planted a seed deep inside of me that remained only a whisper for the next 11 years. Along the way I gave birth to my daughter Addison and I realized at that point that if I wanted my baby girl to grow up being whatever her heart desired, I should lead by example. I quit my job shortly after and took every spare moment building a small portfolio and surrounding myself with people on a similar path with a similar fire in their chests.


I created DeGarmo Designs LLC to combine my love of woodworking and home building. I operate a custom shop and provide on-site carpentry services to help you reimagine your home or business. 


My furniture and home décor are a creative blend of Asian and Scandinavian Midcentury design. My design focus is catered to small spaces creating pieces that are sculptural yet functional, simple, clean, and useful. My deep appreciation for this medium sources my ability to transform raw natural materials into functional and timeless works of art ranging from fine furniture to decorative home furnishings. I am not in the business of making disposable furniture.

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