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These geometric, faceted bud vases are beautifully cut and handmade from hardwoods. No stain is used.PLEASE CLARIFY IF YOU WOULD PREFER A LARGE OR SMALL SIZE. Both heights are the same price as there isn't any measurable difference in time and material to make these vases.


Because these are made from real hardwoods, the color and grain will vary from the photos.


The vases are sanded, buffed, and finished with an application of wipe on polyurethane, which protects them and gives them a beautiful reflective sheen. The opening holds a 15.75mm diameter x 100mm long test tube.

Elm Flower Vase

SKU: 1001
  • Height: SMALL ~ 5 inches tall. LARGE ~ 7 inches tall. (On orders of multiples, I make sure to include both LARGE and SMALL heights so that they look great in groupings)
    Width: ~ 2-3 inches